Turkey To Showcase At Heimtextil Frankfurt

Turkish textile contends with China for German market lead

Turkish exhibitors made their mark with their R&D, design and brand power on Heimtextil Frankfurt, the world’s most prestigious home textile and decorative fabrics trade fair, as part of the national participation organized by Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB).
In a bid to enhance Turkish textile industry’s global power, expand to new markets, and secure its leading position, UTIB participated in Heimtextil Frankfurt Trade Fair to take place in Frankfurt, Germany on January 7th-10th, 2020 with 290 Turkish companies. Turkish exhibitors showcased their innovative and game-changing designs at the fair.

Eager to introduce its extensive product range to shape the global trends in home and contract 8 textile designs as well as the cutting edge technologies acquired with the efforts of the past couple of years, Turkish textile companies met visitors, exhibitors, and buyers from across the globe to present them with a wealth of items from decorative fabrics to curtains, furniture fabrics, carpeting and upholstery, pillow cases, bed covers and table cloths, towels and bathmats, bathroom carpets, and shades.

Digital artist Kerim Dündar and 3D generalist Ege Irmak presented Fabrictale, a story of transformation from a thread to a sustainable fabric. The work covers all the sectoral dynamics and demonstrates Turkish textile’s skills in design, production and trend setting, while balancing life and reconnecting with nature over an authentic tone and discourse.

Turkey is the second largest supplier to Germany with 15 percent market share

Germany, a prominent industrialized market like the US and Japan with a population of 83 million and over $1 trillion annual exports volume, is one of Turkey’s key export destinations with a high purchasing power. In 2018, Germany’s imports were recorded at $9.4 billion in textiles, with $3.1 billion in contract textiles. In this picture, Turkey holds a 15 percent market share with home textile exports of $456 million. Germany’s top supplier of products is China, followed by Turkey at the second place.